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posted: 06/30/16
London's Air Ambulance featured on Trauma Doctors

London's Air Ambulance cares for the most critically injured people in London 24 hours a day. This team has provided pre-hospital care in London for 25 years and its dedicated teams have helped over 30,000 patients.

London's Air Ambulance provides the same medical treatments that you would expect from an Emergency Department, operating theatre or Intensive Care Unit. Their team brings the hospital directly to patients in need. This may be on a street, in an alleyway, under a train or in a field. Advanced trauma doctors and paramedics can perform procedures to relieve pain, straighten broken limbs, perform open chest surgery to restart the heart, give blood and deliver emergency anesthesia. At the roadside. Within minutes of injury.

London's Air Ambulance brings the hospital to the patient wherever that may be. They can even perform open chest surgery for patients in cardiac arrest at the roadside - a procedure performed in an attempt to restart the heart, usually after a stab wound to the chest. They have an 18% survival rate for this procedure, the highest in the world.

TRAUMA DOCTORS follows the work of London's Air Ambulance. Watch the premiere on Friday, July 8, at 10/9c. In the premiere episode, doctors perform a blood transfusion on the side of the road after a woman is hit by a truck; then, the doctors transport a man who fell 15 feet from his ladder and may have a collapsed lung.

For more on the London Air Ambulance, visit their website here.

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